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Football Covers

FA Cup Final Man Utd v Millwall

This series is produced on behalf of The Football Association, The Football League and leading Football Clubs. It started in 1971, and is split into convenient sets. Many football enthusiasts like to build their own collection of "Postal History" relating to the sport with the different postmarks issued at the time and place where some notable event happened - all of course on nicely illustrated covers, and usually accompanied by further information on a filler card or a limited edition postcard.

This series has, over the years filled in gaps that occured in the Official Football Cover Series.Usually a standard philatelic postmark or counter date stamp has been used to frank the covers on the date in question. Rather fewer of these covers are issued now as some of these events are featured as "Specials" in the Official series, where use is made of a design previously used but updated for the new event.

One of the most ambitious series of First day covers ever produced and confirmed by the numerous letters of congratulations we have received. The series depicts each of the 25 LNER B17 steam locomotives named after football clubs, in appropriate settings, and reproduced from specially commissioned paintings by the late leading Transport Artist G. S. Cooper. The paintings were also linked into a stamp issue used for the event, like the Liverpool cover used for the D-day Anniversary, showing the locomotive pulling a military train in Brunswick Docks. Each cover is accompanied by the limited edition postcard. The covers are available with single stamps or the full set.

At the start of the 2003-04 season, some experimental handcrafted covers of high quality were produced. Initially under 50 were serviced but as collectors saw the quality the demand increased so did the numbers. In general only a few were issued above the known demand, consequently they will always be in short supply.
The series was split into two section, one for club events which were of interest and the other for League Clubs in European competitions. Both series were completed in the summer of 2010. The "club" covers were then absorbed into the "Historical" series and a new series produced for all the "Home" legs of European matches.

Collectors can arrange to register for new issues prior to issue date and these will be supplied at a discount price, providing payment has been received at the time of ordering. The cover illustrated was one of a small number produced to mark the 25th Anniversary of Nottingham Forest winning the European Cup for the first time.

Many collectors like to automatically receive new issues of covers without having to place an order and risk the fact that they may be too late to receive the cover of their choice. To assist such collectors and to help ourselves to aim to produce just enough to meet demand and a few over, we encourage collectors to place a "Regular" order with us. By doing this and keeping a credit balance we in turn offer a good discount on the new issue price - so everyone is catered for and the collector doesn't miss out and saves money too!
For more details about the scheme which can be for a series or just covers involving specific clubs, just send us an e-mail. 

FA Cup final 2011 Manchester City v Stoke City (Ref 2005)

The current price list can be seen by clicking on "Price List" in the "Information Box".
The prices are shown beside a brief detail of what the cover was issued for.
These covers must be ordered either by e-mail or letter with cheque or by PayPal.
Cart ordering facilites are not available for covers on the price list.

Joe Mercer First Day Cover

Royal Mail issued a special stamp to honour Football Legend JOE MERCER OBE on 25th March 2014 and Dawn Cover Productions commissioned a special handstamp to be used on a cover in The Official Football Cover Series.  Joe was one of the most respected and popular gentlemen associated with football world wide, and having played for EVERTON and ARSENAL he then went on to become Manager for SHEFFIELD UNITED, ASTON VILLA, MANCHESTER CITY  and finally COVENTRY CITY.  

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