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Burnley Double handstamp cover D1931









BURNLEY v MANCHESTER UNITED The story behind the covers

The big story got even bigger after a cover was planned for Burnley’s first ever home match in the FA Premier League. When the fixture list was made public, their opposition was none other than the Premiership Champions, Manchester United!

The date of the fixture being Tuesday 18th August 2009 – fantastic because that was also the date for Royal Mail to issue a set of attractive stamps featuring "Post Boxes". A disappointment followed when it was discovered that they would be issued in a miniature sheet format with all four values up to 90p being in the one sheet and no single 1st class stamps in their normal sheets were produced. However further research showed that by purchasing the more expensive "Generic Sheet" of stamps, a selection of various Post Boxes were shown on stamps attached to the first class Post Box stamps and very attractive too. As these were only available from a few selected post offices, it was decided to use these on the match day covers to make them rather special "First Day Covers" with these more unusual stamps.

A special Royal Mail handstamp was designed, commissioned and approved by the club and Royal Mail featured it in their handstamp magazine. Suddenly the fixture was changed from Tuesday to Wednesday and all the publicity given to the handstamp and first day cover collectors by Royal Mail and Dawn cover Productions had to be modified. Then by a stroke of good Public Relations by Royal Mail, so as not to disappoint First Day Collectors, or Football Postal History collectors, they decided to issue a second special handstamp for the match day – identical to the first one so now there were two identical handstamps for the same match on the 18th  (now sells at £25) and 19th September (£7). (see the pair over covers illustrated)

The result being that the total number of covers produced has been split with some having the date of the 18th August and others having the 19th August 2009.  A small number were sold at the Burnley club shop with no match result on and these are scarce as remaining covers had the result added. It also meant that for the first time ever, a football match has appeared in two Royal Mail handstamps - on different dates - this is a must for collectors of all types - it is UNIQUE!!

To make an even more unusual cover, a LIMITED NUMBER were DOUBLE HANDSTAMPED with both dates 18th and 19th are these are offered for £15 (post free)

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